Wednesday, July 29, 2015


My new labels just arrived and they're ALL THAT! So shiny, stable and water/oil resistant. Can't wait to apply them to many bottles and jars in the future. I do have some new products in the works that will have to wait till the next cycle before they get their own fanciness, but one must be slow and steady.

I'll be writing, over the next couple of weeks, with updates about new natural skin care and ways to use existing products for multiple purposes. Maximize your dollar and your space, I say. To anyone who's purchased a CURIO product, if you'd like a new label, please just email me. And for those who love packaging as much as what's on the inside (um, that would be me), do check out the shop :-)


  1. Kristen, I'm enjoying your products. I actually put a little lip balm at the outer corners of my eyes. And the immortelle salve has immediately cured some strange dry patches that sometimes appear on my neck. I'm now really tempted by the rose eye cream!

  2. So glad you're enjoying them Marie! The eye cream is particularly popular amongst my local purchasers. The ones who love it most have very dry skin and they use it all over their faces at night. Go figure!