Monday, June 15, 2015

Curio (Potions for Skeptics): CURIO Baby* Massage

As far as I'm concerned, the indicators of a good gift are these:
  • It's unique.
  • It looks good.
  • It smells good.
  • It does what it says and it does it well.
  • It's not mass produced.
  • It's easy to obtain.
  • It does the thinking for me.
  • It's of high-quality.
  • It makes a statement.
Y'all know I frequently shop on Etsy (have done for many years now) - particularly at Xmas - because it's so easy to find darling and original gifts.

I'm pretty psyched to have the opportunity to give back, as it were, when it comes to producing high-quality, event-specific presents. I've been thinking about CURIO holiday gifts for months now - since long before I started the business, crazily. Yeah, I do realize that it's June, but gifts are so enjoyable to plan!

At any rate, recently my friend Jeanette and I collaborated creatively. She needed a baby shower gift - preferably massage oil - and was curious to know what I might be able to provide. Oils are an excellent bonding vehicle. When my daughter was small, I frequently made up mini batches of massage oil, which I'd apply - mainly on her abdomen, with gentle, clockwise strokes. Once you've had a baby, you don't forget: It's a time of concern, of exhaustion - of being, sometimes, overwhelmed.

Baby massage is a fantastic way to calm, soothe and balance not only the baby (which is key, of course), but also mothers and fathers who could really use some essential oil TLC.

Enter: CURIO baby* Massage

C'mon, is this not a sweet gift?? Each oil is designed to encourage bonding, via infant massage, and to serve a particular aim:

Balance: This oil is as much about the parent as the baby. The rich scent of geranium is uplifting, but light. Geranium EO is often recommended by herbalists to restore female hormone balance. Neroli is used to promote digestive balance. Neroli is also a mood-booster - its beautiful scent relaxes and elevates one's spirits.

Balance Ingredients: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E (in Organic Sunflower Oil), Neroli Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil (2 oz)

Soothe: New digestive systems can be fussy. Chamomile is used for its anti-inflammatory properties and its propensity to reduce tummy misery. Lavender promotes circulation. Orange essential oil is widely used for its carminative properties, to ameliorate digestive complaints. This oil is best applied by clockwise motion on the abdomen.

Soothe Ingredients: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E (in Organic Sunflower Oil), Chamomile Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil (2 oz)

Calm: Lavender and jasmine essential oils have been used for thousands of years to encourage cheer and relaxation. This article speaks more about the potential positive impacts of jasmine, specifically it's anxiolytic properties. Lavender is a sweet-smelling, natural antibacterial.

Calm Ingredients: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E (in Organic Sunflower Oil), Lavender Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil (2 oz)

One doesn't mess around when it comes to babies and essential oils. I've researched those that are considered safe, and beneficial, for infant use. I've also spent a lot of time considering the appropriate ratio of essential oil to base oil (0.3 per cent). This volume of essential oil is small, but discernible. In fact, it's also perfect for grown-ups who prefer a body oil that's very lightly scented.

Jeanette purchased the Trio, for her friend, but these oils are also sold individually for parents and babies, or for adults, of course. BTW, the Trio comes with a complimentary gift bag and tissue which you can assemble on delivery, if you intend to offer this as a gift:

Each massage oil comes in a 2 oz, blue-tinted glass container with pump closure to facilitate one-handed access. Each is seriously delicious. As always, if you're interested to learn more, please check out my Etsy shop.

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