Saturday, June 13, 2015

Calling Card

I decided to get myself some mini-cards to include in my orders - and to give out (because somehow the skin care always comes up and peeps want to know more). The part of me that doesn't like to waste paper (or to spend money on meaningless advertising) is at odds with the part that is coming to realize that she will genuinely benefit from an easy way to supply a smidge of useful info about the brand.

I went with MOO cards cuz the company has a good reputation, the site is easy to navigate, the product is high-quality - and it's not absurdly expensive. I'm happy with the Kristin-"designed" outcome (even if it is a first attempt which I may modify over time):

It's simple and direct, like CURIO. But the luxe is in the detail:

Do you see that cardstock? Oh, these are so beautifully substantial. They're more than 3 times the thickness of regular business cards and it's tactile heaven. I'm assuaging my eco-guilt by having bought the mini-cards, which are half the size.

BTW, don't email me at that address quite yet - it's one of the many things I'm in the process of setting up! Y'all can always find me using the email address shown on the blog or via my Etsy store.

Now I'm off to make face cleanser for a bunch of testers (aka friends), some more shampoo and conditioner (the sample sizes from a couple of weeks ago are almost done) and to complete a couple of custom orders - one of which may become a regular offering because it's awesome. 

Remind me to tell you the story about how my kid is refusing to use my shampoo and conditioner - devised specifically with love for her, you might recall - because it creeps her out that it doesn't come from the store. Ah, teenagers. Let's just say her hair's about to get very grimy.

But about the cards, what do you think? Silly vanity project or smart marketing? Pretty cardstock or needless expense? Have you used MOO? Let's talk.


  1. I suspect it's good marketing. :)

    1. I hope so. Of course, since I bought them, I haven't had one of those "hand out a card" moments, though I swear, in the month before these arrived I had 10. I guess it's variable but I want to give out cards!!

  2. The cards are lovely and I think you really have to have something to hand out. Otherwise when you meet interested people, they will have to try to remember how to find your products.

    I'm laughing at your daughter!

    1. Thanks Marie. How are you? Is the summer going well? And the kid has still not tried the product. Her secret stash of shampoo is running out though, I'm sure.