Friday, May 29, 2015

In Case You Thought I Was Joking

I suspect I just met my weekend project:

These are the newly arrived goodies (dare I say "chemicals with long names") I'll use to make shampoo, face cleanser and conditioner. Yeah, I didn't know how much I wanted to make conditioner until I started thinking about making shampoo. Fear not, there are many other - and more natural substances that also go into these products. I just didn't get them in the mail today so they're not on my dining room table right now.

I have no idea how this is all going to work but I'm hopeful - aren't I always? If I can swing good hair product, my child (of the horse-tail mane) will no longer threaten to bankrupt me with her 8 oz per week habit.

Plus, how cool would it be to use my own haircare line? Stay tuned.


  1. What a fun weekend project!!!

  2. It's a worthy quest. I use conditioner by the gallon- er, how American of me, I still think in obsolete, isolationist measurements - let's say, the liter...litre, even. Anyhoo, with long, curly, dry hair it's a must. The natural versions very often lack 'slip'. Since I'm avoiding silicone by & large, it's a toughie. The few more successful at it usually use a mallow or seaweed extract, but often aren't all that moisturizing. Forcing me to give up & return to chemical goodies, which I'd never tolerate on my face.

    1. Thanks Callie! I don't know if it's American or just necessary :-)