Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bad Ass

This morning, I got up and had a shower. I washed my hair with my own handmade shampoo and conditioner. I washed my face with my new, self-created facial cleanser. When I was finished, I dried myself off halfway and applied Body Oil A (Lord, I love this stuff). I rolled on a bit of my own deodorant. I toned my face with neroli hydrosol, spritzed a bit into my Serum B, and gently applied it. Finally, I used a smidge of Eye Balm A (wait till I talk this up) and finished it up with my lip balm.

Gotta say, I feel pretty fucking self-sufficient right now. And I feel and smell great!


  1. Are you a member of The Dish? Might be a useful place for you.

  2. You know - I've heard about it and even tried to find it (but I got sidetracked). Thanks so much for sending me this link Denise!

  3. And there is the Handmade Guild!

  4. You sound as though you are having a blast!!
    With all your potions and lotions.
    I am certainly impressed!!

    1. I am. It's seriously fun making your own shampoo. I mean, I made everyone pet my hair today!

    2. You did mention that you were an extrovert, right?