Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's a Girl to Do?

Wanna know the most ridiculous thing about this pain thing I've got going on? I can barely stand to tell y'all but I cannot wear my regular bras.

Please take a minute to process that statement. Please consider that I - the woman who has no use for bands that don't snug and the people who eschew them - have been going to work, every fucking day (lately), wearing the Bali Comfort Bra I couldn't bring myself to link to when I wrote about it as my lounge bra option.

Just thinking about this gives me goosebumps of horror. I wear a bra - in public! - that basically does nothing but smush my boobs together and keep them from bouncing (sort of).

Lord. I cannot believe I just admitted that. I considered hiding this fact but it seems, well, wrong. Totally disingenuous, like. And while I've never understood how someone could blame "sensitivity" on her choice to wear a band that is objectively too large to hold things up optimally, let's just say I'm getting the picture.

The price of compassion, people.

You know what? I may be horrified but I'm still doing it. Because my big-time pain trigger point is exactly underneath where my delightfully snug bands sit (on the left side). I can either manage excruciating pain and have boobs that look fantastic, or I can hide smushness under a blazer and feel somewhat less excruciating pain. Great choices, no?

On the plus side, people have told me (believably) that my boobs look practically as lifted (if not as well-appointed) wearing the bandage some would term a bra. So maybe my rack is not as subject to gravity as I'd believed.

Don't worry, I'm on this case. The Comfort Bra is an option of last resort. Cuz I may be in pain, but I will not descend into the realm of frumpy. Please stay tuned as I spend money I really should be saving in the adventuresome quest for some bras (or new sizes of bras) that provide some sexy without causing me utter misery.

Of course, my goal is to quiet the trigger point, regain equilibrium and go back to wearing my gorgeous offerings of yore. In the meanwhile, I'll just have to get creative.

Any suggestions?


  1. Yikes! That IS serious! I hope it magically, easily and smoothly all works out for you... and in the mean time, I'm thinking of you! :)

  2. Hopefully you kick this pain soon! But in the meantime, what about using an extender for your regular bras? Or is it the wires that are hurting (in which case, break out the shock absorber you recommended to me)?

  3. I can truly relate, being a 32H with a serious shoulder problem that lasted about a year. Bras were a necessary torture, but out of necessity went with "smooshed" for quite some time! My thoughts for you would be dispersion of stress over a broader area...perhaps sewing a long-line bra, of a softer power-mesh or tech-sheen - to more evenly distribute pressure with soft, yet firm fabric and yet still provide support? I hope for healing for you, and that you continue to find ways to ease it.

  4. Oh, and to be quite honest, wearing a less than supportive bra won't hurt in the short term--I wore two bras that *used* (like 3 years ago) to have wires in them during my pregnancy, because when I was pregnant the wires simply hurt so much. Those and a few sports bras that were so shot they basically only were there to prevent chafing was all I wore the whole time.

  5. I don't know of a bra solution, but I've been sprinkling turmeric on my food and it's helping my inflammation a lot. I get it when I eat the wrong food. Just an idea.

  6. I'd suggest bra boutiques that cater to breast cancer patients. They're used to dealing with nerve pain from surgery, sensitive scar tissue, etc. and may have some good suggestions.

    1. I agree. I am very well endowed and had breast surgery twice. Both times I was given very comfy yet supportive bra and also a referral to shops that had bras to continue wearing while I was healing. They had wider straps, supportive backs and were front hook. Don't give up, support (excuse the pun) is out there.