Saturday, November 1, 2014

The 24-Hour Knit

OK, if you want a great, quick knit that's totally practical, you've got to make yourself one of these:

It's All You Need, by LondonLeo and it takes up about 180 yards of yarn. It looks great in stripes.

I've been getting a lot of use out of my hot water bottle lately. It's got quite cold here, and my neck is hard as a rock. But man, I'm 44 and I still wrap the bottle in a towel. What am I, a savage?

This project wasn't boring by a long shot. I learned two new techniques: Magic Cast On and Slip Slip Knit (Stretchy) Bind Off.

I've tried the magic cast on before and it was a disaster. This time, I actually figured out what's going on and it really is an ingenious method. I mean, I don't love working it, but it creates a totally seamless join in bottom up knitting.  SSK bind off is fine. It's good to know different methods but, really, regular bind off, in rib, is always very stretchy. I naturally bind off loosely.

The colour of these photos is misleading. I used Madeline Tosh DK in Dahlia. This yarn is just beautiful to knit. The stitch definition is gorgeous. It's got good recovery and it feels great.

Voila. The 24-hour knitting project - a bespoke hottie!


  1. Kristin, you're a genius! I've been wanting to knit a hot water bottle cozy for ages, but just never quite gotten around to doing the necessary pattern-searching due diligence. Once I knit one up for myself, I'll have to ask around to see if anyone on my holiday list would like their own...

  2. For years I've meant to make up one of these -- keep dreaming of it in cashmere, just what I'd need to make a cold feel tolerable. . . . yours looks yummy!

  3. You know, I have not used one of those since I was under 10 years old. Paul had an electric heating pad that he is basically attached to, but I never thing to use it either (am I missing out?). Regardless, your bottle looks so handsome all wrapped up in pretty Tosh.