Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Easy Knits Project

I woke up this morning intent on making a plan. Don't ask me why. I've been plan-free for far too long. Sure, I may not have much time to craft - but I actually need a few things and I'm on a budget. I find myself in a circumstance where I have fabric and, Lord knows, I have patterns. I even have a few garments that I've invested the time to scale to my particular dimensions.

I started thinking. (Note: It's very good to have hobbies when you wake up stressing in the night.) And then it clicked.

What do I wear? Knits.
What looks good on me? Knits.
What's most comfortable? Knits.
What do I have all of the gizmos to sew best? Knits.
What tends to be quick (if you've got the fitting sorted out)? Knits.

You see where I'm going with this...

I'm not setting any timelines. I don't know when I'll have energy and I'm not desperate for any of this. But, as one might go shopping on a Saturday morning, perhaps I can shop the fabric satash, and get a fun activity in the bargain.

The patterns:

Vogue 8790:

The one I said I'd never make again. Why do I put these things in writing? Alas, it's seriously flattering and I wear the one I've got CONSTANTLY. I want another. With sleeves for winter.

Because I had such a miserable experience making this the last time (and that one didn't even have sleeves), I'm opting to muslin (with some canary yellow rayon jersey). Yeah, I know that kind of kills the fast 'n easy factor, but it's likely to create a finished product that I love. The yellow fabric has beautiful drape but the colour is crazy. I mean, if by some miracle it all comes together in the muslin and I love the colour at the end, I guess I'll call it wearable. But I do intend to make it again, kinks worked out, in a blue jersey I just received from Fabrications:

I swear, it's navy and it's LOVELY. Why does everything I buy look grey on screen? I photographed this 15 ways and it's either wan, or indistinguishable. Got 2 yards and it's 75" wide!

Here's a photo from the website (it's not accurate either, btw, the fabric is more black):

Note: When I got my recent Fabrications order in the mail, I had to laugh at how everything I'd bought was some shade of blue meets grey: "denim" ponte, modal/rayon navy jersey, rayon/wool knit in "dusty blue", slate grey ponte. I'm ridiculous.

Hudson Pant (take 5):

That tech drawing is gratuitous, right? You couldn't possibly not know about these. Oh, and if you're looking for an alternative waistband method, please do check out my Tutorial.

I'll do these in that denim ponte (I got the last 1.25 yards of the bolt and Fabrications sent it to me for free because it was vaguely dusty. They also paid to ship it to me. Note: They sent me free fabric for free. Can't tell you how much I love the client service...):

Or maybe in the slate ponte (though I might want to save this for a dress):

You can't tell in my photo but this is a very rich grey with lots of texture. And it's has a beautiful weight. I have just over 2 yards and it's 70" wide!

Highly-Modified, Vintage Simplicity 3302:

You may recall that I altered this to work with knit fabric. I made it in coral jersey last weekend and, while the fit is almost there (this thing has taken a lot of tweeking), the colour is just too much for a top that's this "present". There's a lot of fabric happening and the style is not modern. I think it warrants a neutral lest it become overwhelming...

I'll make this, potentially, in that navy modal/rayon jersey too. I'll have enough of it... (But not till I'm sure it's going to work because I really like that fabric).

Bronte Top:

Jennifer Lauren's second pattern is a cutie. Too cute for me, I thought, till I saw Jane's version. I don't know how this one will work out for me, but I did spend an hour modifying the pattern at the armscye and sleeve to match my sloper. Whether this works will remain to be seen - first time sewing anything is a crap shoot - but I've hedged my bets with some pre-fitting. I'll muslin using a stable grey sweatshirt fabric I got a while ago. I think it's horribly off-grain, so it'll take a bit of finessing, but I don't love the fabric and I'm ready to be done with it. I ordered a yard and I don't think that's even what I received... Note: I did not buy this from Fabrications.

My final 2, potential easy knits are Style Arc patterns: The Rosie top and Becky Yoga Pants.

Wait, you might be saying - haven't you tried to make that Rosie top 15 time now? And isn't meant for a woven? Um, yes and yes. I've finally decided to make it up in a knit fabric to see if it allows me a modicum of additional ease (but with recovery). I do believe I've finalized the fitting of the woven pattern - just can't take another woven failure right now. At least, if a knit version of the top fails, I can blame it on going off-road with the fabric.

The Becky is another one I haven't made before but I can use my Hudson pant crotch curve against it (or my Kwik Sew one) so as not to reinvent that wheel. This one is the outlier, truly, as I don't really need more yoga pants and I'm not sure what fabric I'd use. Good to have options though!

So that's where I'm at. This post has taken a ridiculous amount of time - time I might have spent cutting fabric, so off I go!

Please do tell which of these you like the best? What do you think of the Easy Knits Project - a little creative, a little bit easy and a whole lot of fun, no? Let's talk!


  1. I've been working through my stash of knit fabric this month too. So far I've finished 3 renfrews and 4 plantains. Next I'm going to try out the hemlock tee even though I don't think it will be flattering on me. And then I'm going to try the vogue you posted or a similar burda pattern I have. I realized that I wear knit tops constantly so I decided to make multiples of my fav patterns and work the kinks out.

  2. Oooh, that's productive! The Hemlock would look awful on me - so can't avail myself of that free pattern. Keep me posted!