Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ploughman's Lunch for Dinner in France

I wish everyone were eating this right now...

We went to the Wednesday market - apparently the small version of the one on Saturday. I cannot imagine the scale of Saturday's, given that we found everything - including wine - without a moment of hesitation. Mind you, I don't understand all the peeps who suggest that you buy dinner at the market to be frugal on hols. This spread cost more than 100 bucks - not that I begrudge it - though there is enough food for at least two meals.

The menu:

Wine: Chateauneuf-du-Pape - L'angelus (Scott says it's "sort of angry". I don't agree... Mind you, he's drinking it.)
Cured Pork: Caillasse de Savoie Fumee. No refrigeration. Mind you, it's half gone.
Tomato (insanely awesome varietal)
Sundried tomato tapanade (Lord...)
Baguette / Olive Oil
Locally cured olives, brined with citrus, hot peppers, sweet peppers and spice
Selection of Local Cheeses - can't remember name of either but do not put them in the fridge!
Cherries - delicious and I don't like cherries
Artisanal Nougat (Caramel and pecan)
Chocolate (Suite 88 from Montreal) - fleur de sel, sucre d'erable

Now, if only this ancient townhouse had a dishwasher...


  1. I know! I wonder if those people who talk about eating cheaply from the market have way, way more restraint than I do. . . .at our market, there was a guy who stuffed figs, peaches, etc. with foie gras. mm-hmm. 3 euros each, and "bet you can't eat just one" . . . . And yeah, can't resist the crazy diversity of olives. and on. and on. Looks like you've absolutely rejected the false economy of being frugal now, instead working to maximize the sunk cost associated with your trip. Go, you! Eat, drink, be ever so happy!

    1. Oh, I wish that guy had been at our market! I'm not trying to be frugal, though I am trying to do things a bit differently. Usually, I just go from resto to resto (which eventually results in food fatigue of the highest order). This time, I'm trying to live local. Can't imagine I'd be more frugal as a local here than in my regular town :-)

  2. Oh this looks wonderful! How great it is you're filling us all in while you're in magical France. :D

    Have tons of fun!

    1. Liz - it's AWESOME. You need to take a break from your reno and come to France :-)

  3. Sigh. Just perfect. Hang the expense I say! ;-)

    1. That's where I'm at (she says, drinking another bottle of wine...)