Thursday, July 31, 2014

Food Thing I Love

Chapel Hill Toffee
No one is paying me (or giving me free chocolate) to say this, but I freakin love Chapel Hill Toffee. I buy it from Whole Foods when I'm in NC and, this time, when M went to see my parents she bought a couple of boxes back for me. (Thanks Mum!)

I just learned that the company delivers to Canada. (Here's hoping the shipping charges aren't crazy.)

This candy is compellingly delicious - a deceptively light but rich layer of pecan English toffee covered in dark chocolate and dusted with ground pecans. It's sweet but balanced, neither English nor American (and more exciting for the lack of identity). The texture is part crunch, part sticky. The mouth feel is awesome. It's fine - but it's not expensive or fancy.

I'm eating, ahem, a few squares, enhanced by a great Tempranillo.

It's a good thing I can't find this stuff in TO or I'd be stock piling it.


  1. Must look for this the next time I'm in Whole Foods!

  2. Ever been to I LOVE CHOCOLATE in Fergus Ontario?
    They make and sell that stuff and it's delicious!

  3. I keep a list of things to buy/have shipped to my inlaws while they're in Florida. Now I've got something else to add...

  4. oh that sounds amazing. must track this stuff down!

  5. Oh my stars! That looks simply perfect. And with a nice glass of wine.....what more do you need?