Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lingerie Review: Lana by Empreinte

Spring fever is a bitch - especially in the absence of spring.* But what can I do? I'm compelled - with all the extra light and the fact that I'm biologically predisposed to have done away with hats, gloves and scarves at this point. I'm fixated on gaiety and buds and breezes (vs gales).

The whimsical bras are calling to me.

I feel it's wrong to review one favourite brand (Cleo By Panache) without giving equal attention to Empreinte, my other love. So, in an act of sombre public service, I purchased this:

Empreinte Lana
(To clarify, I purchased only the set, sadly, not that awesome body.)

Here's the thing: Empreinte does but one thing suboptimally, and that is pricing. Otherwise, there's nothing but hysterical praise for this new set.

The Details:
  • Really, I could wear this thing for 15 hours and it would still be comfortable...
  • The lift and shape are unparalleled. It's slightly less front and centre than Cleo offerings, but so natural and high. In terms of support, there is no brand that can compare. If you have heavy breasts, no problem. They'll look like clouds in this bra!
  • Where Cleo falls down (in strap width/comfort/strength and band width), Empreinte excels. The bra has 3 hooks and eyes, so the band is firm and comfortable without having to be tight in any way. The straps are invisibly padded under the fabric. They don't look thick, but they are firm and soft.
  • The materials are gorgeous. This style is very "fun" by Empreinte standards. It isn't laden with lace and sensuous, dark motifs. But that lace is still beautifully soft while being ridiculously strong. The checked fabric is silken and delicate. On this topic, I still have no idea how this brand manages to get the softest, most delicate fabrics to act like a tank.
  • The undies (I got the thong) are adorable with off-centre buttons. They are seriously well-fitting and sexy, while still being cute!
  • You might think the fabric looks a bit picnic-basket, but - I swear - it's not like that! The background colour is cream with pink undertones and the check is blush (for want of a better word). The added lace (in perfect proportion) makes this very feminine, but not "youthful" in the Cleo way. What I mean is, no worries about looking like part of the teen set.
I did learn that Empreinte has discontinued another of its best styles - the Ophelia. In the words of the SA who told me this (yeah, I did buy the Lana at full price, in store), Empreinte is making some bad choices. This is the second beautiful, deep, seriously sexy style they've cancelled in the last year. The other is the Lola. The thing is, many of the styles they've newly developed are not suited to the very deep shape they're famous for fitting. Some of the newer styles are more round (as is the popular shape in North America), with very high gores (not great if the bra is shallow and breasts are close set). They're also trying their hand at styles with fewer seams. Yeah, that may appeal to a certain crowd, but it fucks with fit - and it's so much less sexy...

Anyway, go get yourself an Ophelia while you still can. Seriously.

So, thoughts and feelings about this set? Would you wear it? Do you like it? Let's talk!

*Today is going to be sunny and 15C - woohoo!!!!!!!


  1. I'm loving your posts! Is this brand true to size? You've sold me and there is NOTHING better than a well fitting bra!

    1. It is true to size - but to its own sizing. You may well go down a bust size in this brand due to the very deep fit (and the fact that they don't do half sizes aka double letter sizes). Every size has differently proportioned wires - so a 30F has different wires than the sister sized 32E (for example). In every other brand, those bras would have the same wires. As you can imagine, though cup volume is the same in both sizes, the woman in a 30F has a narrower back and her breasts will sit in a different place on her chest as a result. Empreinte recognizes that and adjusts accordingly. This is one of the reasons that the brand is so expensive. There's a lot of R&D that has gone into each style.

  2. I love love love my only Empreinte bra, and along with my Freya and Lejaby ones, they are my favorites. I'm curious about this one, and Cleo's... never tried those.

    1. You can find Cleo at Tryst on Queen (I think). But once you know your size it's much more cost-effective to order it online. And I love your blog, Tasha! Can I leave comments (that feature doesn't seem to be turned on.)?

  3. I'm dying to try Empreinte, but nervous about the sizing. How would you say they run compared to Cleo, or the Fantasie Smoothing?

    1. The thing about Empreinte is that they are true to size within the brand, but you'd most definitely need to try them on to figure out your size because they don't make half-sizes (double letters). I'd say that the backs run true - not loose, not tight (though MUCH less tight than the very tight Cleo bands). So, you'd likely be your truest back size and often you'd be one size smaller in Empreinte than in Cleo. But don't assume that's how it will go. It really depends on how deep the bra is vs the depth of your bust. The brand works best for projected breasts with lots of immediate projection and small roots. The wires are narrow but the cups are deep.

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  4. Typo above: Should have said: "often one cup size smaller in Empreinte than in Cleo"...

  5. I would definitely wear it. I love Empriente bras. I have the Empriente 'Grace':) already , but not with matching panties though. :(