Friday, August 3, 2012

Pool of the Week

I'm off to Collingwood this long weekend to enjoy some fun with friends and to continue my summer of adventure. In fact, we may even go to this spa to swim in the hot and cold pools, take saunas and steam with eucalyptus. My friend Sandra is amazed that I suggested doing this, in light of my general horror over public bathing. I have a thing about germs. Strange, I realize, that I LOVE to post photos of pools. My instinct to be creeped out by swimming with strangers is at odds with my love of clear blue water set in beautiful landscapes. Mind you, no time like the present to change my attitude. As long as no one is renovating at the spa, I should be able to control whatever anxiety-provocation comes my way.

Let me leave you with today's gorgeous water-feature:
Photo from Desire to Inspire
Do yourself a favour and read the entire post for many more photos of a mid-century gem.

I wish you a weekend of spectacular weather, wonderful food, great conversation, fantastic music, fun activity, deep sleep, plentiful inebriants (used moderately, of course), perfect landscapes and wonderful memories. It's good to be you. xoxo


  1. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Curious, is your fear of public bathing limited to pools or does it extend to lakes, rivers, oceans?

    1. Oh, forgot to answer your question... I don't like swimming to closely to other people. But the larger the body of water, the less grossed out I am. And I don't mind swimming in, for example, a private pool. I just don't like it when strangers (whose health history I know nothing of) are all in my space. I know that pools are feats of chemical-engineering, but I tend to hate chlorine as much as other people in my pool. And the more well-travelled the pool, the more chlorine must be used.

    2. Okay, so when you come to visit me here on my little island some summer day, you'll bring your swimming gear and we'll have a dip before the Kir Royales, 'kay?

    3. Definitely! The ocean is my fave! (And I look forward to your hospitality.)

  2. That makes sense to me, you would like to have your own, private, luxurious pool. We have discovered Priest Lake this summer, which is nature's way of making something just as lovely.

  3. F: The weekend was very good. No spa, but we had other enjoyable activities.

    S: That's so how it is! It brings out my inner rich-wannabe :-)