Thursday, August 2, 2012

Give Me Shelter

My shade card arrived and it's all that!

Let me start by saying that it was adorably packaged in a sturdy envelope and that it's ingeniously, compactly designed to give you info while remaining low-cost to ship. Very smart, Brooklyn Tweed.

Furthermore, the colours are spectacular. Muted, but intense. Who doesn't love shades named "soot" and "woodsmoke" and "homemade jam".

I can't really give you a description of how this wool will knit or wear. The swatches are too tiny. But I can tell you that the yarn is soft. It does not feel rustic. Everyone likes to say it's lofty, but I can't really say what that means. It does seem springy and light.

On the basis of this card, I will purchase the yarn. When I do, and when I get around to making something with it, I will most certainly update you. Till then, ambivalent yarn buffs: do yourself a favour and order the card. If nothing else, you'll love to look at it.


  1. Those colours look spectacular even on a computer screen.

  2. Oooh beautiful colours! Looking forward to seeing what you think of the yarn when you get some :)

  3. They are really gorgeous. I keep looking at the card just because I love the colours.

  4. I love those Shelter colors... each is a combination of colors, and there is so much depth! Sorry to keep gushing like a fan girl about this yarn, but I am a huge fan and cannot wait to see what you will make with it.

    1. I love it when people support the brands that work for them. That's how I get roped in! :-)