Thursday, May 24, 2012

Light on Posting

Peeps: I'm encountering a very busy phase at work that is likely going to continue for the next month or so. Of course, I will continue to post, but probably less frequently than usual (whatever that means*). My bodice fitting posts may be slow to emerge because I just don't have the considerable time, or energy, to apply at the moment. Y'all know that it's one thing to write, another thing to fit and a completely different animal still to chronicle one of these activities via the other. My goal is to keep reading, and commenting - but forgive me if I seem less than present. Some kinds of multitasking are hard to do.

*It seems every time I say this, I end up posting compulsively. We'll see how it goes down this time...


  1. I know that feeling! Hopefully it will all calm down eventually.

  2. Oh, I know it will. These things always do...

  3. No worries Kristin, take your time. Martin sympathizes by the way. He's been working on composing some blog posts on his shirt process for two months and still can't seem to get them published.