Sunday, July 3, 2016

Vacation, Part 2

So I managed to pull it back from the edge, btw, which you could not help to notice if you follow me on Instagram.

Baie St. Paul is in that class of  "most gorgeous places in the world". I cannot begin to explain how it lifted my spirits:

The view from le Mouton Noir
Someone's side garden...
Someone's else's side garden. Not joking.
Flood plain at high-tide
Is this not the bad-assest cow on the planet??
I realize that my hipster/hobby farm experience at La Ferme would put me in that dubious class of bourgeoisie that every so often gets its head chopped off, but don't let that drab website fool you. It's a paradise here. It's actually hard not to laugh every time one looks right, at a piglet, only to look left at an outdoor bath-spa. Allow me to clarify - it's amusing and entirely ok with me.

This is by no means the first time I've been to this town. Scott's grandmother comes from the area. But is is the first time I've stayed - largely cuz this is the only time in a long time that I found the will to drive and, concurrently, La Ferme was in operation. I'm not one of those small-town B&B-goers. Bad decor ruins my mood. (Yeah, I know, another of those off-with-her-head sentiments but really, I become suicidal at the sight of rain. I'm a bit of a Bronte character at this point, non?) At any rate, the eco-chic/minimal shit going down was just my scene (if they did take it a bit far) and I could easily see myself staying at this place for a week or two.

Our goal, going forward, is to use BSP as a new experience of Quebec, the province. Alas, the city, for me, is done. Don't get me wrong, if you've never gone there, go! Not this year, though. This year they're having a weak moment. But I've seen it adequately and I'm really getting into the country lifestyle. (OK, the country with manicured lawns and restaurants, admittedly, but every transition in its time.

After we headed back to QC, to grab the train, we ended up, for one more night, in Mtl:

The view from one of our window banks. It really is a spectacular room...

Huitres from Salle a Manger

Mtl iconography

The city really pulled it out for us last night, even if we did crash (in one of our many food comas) at 9:30 pm. Some peeps were playing a Robert Lepage-esque film on the wall diagonally across from ours. It was very cool.

The Gault hotel is very special, inasmuch as one doesn't go there often, but I've been throwing money at things these days. Sometimes you need sanity more than prudence, you know?

I'm on the train right now, drinking some sketch red wine, waiting for dinner. There's been a total chaos here. They oversold the car. Every stop it gets more complicated. And then there's the idiot playing loud music through the headphones two seats away. I know - at least I've got a seat - but honestly, they tell you to turn down your fucking headphones when you board for a reason.

Tomorrow begins phase 2 of this fortnight-long vacation. It's the phase when lots of cold-pressed vegetable juices come to my door at @5am. When I eat brown rice with chicken broth and celery. Don't misunderstand - I'm not on a fast! But I've eaten and drunk SO much in the last 8 days (including one, life-memorable 9 course tasting menu at L'Initiale which I couldn't begin to describe) that my kidneys are sore. I need to tone it down. Yeah, I may eat out, I may have a glass of wine - but it will be very regular-fare. I've also got some appointments to deal with my back. I really don't know what's up. It's possible I may have pinched a nerve. It's very odd... And I've got some myofascial and yoga practices planned, around sewing.

In truth, if I don't feel like sewing, I won't. I suspect I'm going to want to, though. I mean, I'm having a moment. But this next week is about introversion. I'm going to do what I will.

BTW - if you're wondering about M, she is feeling much better. I do think that her blood test will show mono, but she's most definitely not as bad off as she was mid-week. Throughout the last week,  Bill, Nicole, Sandra and Hilary have all kept her company, made sure she was eating healthy food and spent time with her.  I feel incredibly grateful to them all.

Soon we'll see if she's maintained (or reconstructed) my expectation of a Kristin-clean house. I am a dreamer, after all... Stay tuned.


  1. I'm glad M is recovering and you had a memorable vacation. Lovely pictures!

  2. What a gorgeous, bucolic area! As an American, I had of course never heard of Baie St. Paul. I'll refer to this post when I go to Quebec. As long as the rental car companies don't completely abuse tourists, I don't mind driving in foreign countries. Definitely not going to Quebec this year, though!

    1. I don't know if the fees are abusive because I never rent a car. It cost 160 bucks for 2 days (including all insurance - I bought ALL the insurance). We also filled the tank at the end (15 bucks - the car didn't use much gas). I do know that it is much more expensive to rent a car in Canada than in the US.