Monday, June 20, 2016

Clothes May Not Make the Man, But they Don't Hurt

My wardrobe refresh is coming along nicely!
  • Having discarded or recycled a bunch of Ts, I purchased 3 new styles of t shirt, in multiples of 2 (because, when you find a T that works, don't just get one - you know these things don't have the longest shelf life). One version is black, scoop neck and long-sleeved (and can be used for lounge purposes), one version is plum and short-sleeved (work worthy), one version is blue and white striped and 3/4 sleeved (also good for work or weekends). The solids are made of modal and the stripes are a rayon, cotton blend. They all feel delightful and fit well. Here's a pic of the stripey top:
This striped top is from COS - my current go-to...
  • I also bought a fancy top at COS that can be worn for drama or with jeans - I LOVE it! Doesn't look like much in this pic but it's pure glamour and very easy to wear.
It's got a mesh asymmetric cape over one shoulder. Sounds weird but I feel part bird, part vampire whenever I put it on.
  • I made a new T shirt (the Concord) which is more for the shoulder seasons but could work on a summer evening. On this topic, I'm in the process of making a modified Concord (sleeveless) in very light weight rayon, to manage in the heat. Alas, I'm experiencing some armscye coverstitch tunneling happening. Trying to fix this so any feedback would be so welcome.
  • I've made 2 new pairs of Hudsons - my other ones are starting to get a bit ratty as I wear these around the house constantly. I do yoga in them, I sleep in them. I figured I could use a new batch.
(Side note: It appears that I've sewn a lot lately, even though it doesn't feel like it.)
  • I've bought 4 new lingerie sets / 1 new bra - 2 Panache Floris', 1 Panache Olivia, 1 Freya Minx, 1 Curvy Couture lounge bra. I'll write more about these in other posts.
  • I bought a new pair of straight-leg jeans at Marshall's (a place I never go - I accidentally wandered in). They cost 35 dollars and the fit is awesome with no alterations (except hemming). The wash is a great medium blue - it's dark enough to give them some elegance, but light-enough to work for summer.
  • I got a gorgeous, grey merino, v-neck boyfriend sweater - softly oversized. This is more for the fall, than now. I had a credit at COS (which paid for this and the COS items above). The sweater was on sale for half price and it was lovely and, I figure, sometimes you have to think to the season ahead.
  • I used up part of my credit at Anthropologie (remember how I returned those 300 dollar jeans?). Amazingly, I purchased on an Anthro day so I got 15% these, which were 130 CDN, all in:
Level 99 Cropped Chambray Trousers
Of course, for every "in" there's an "out". Bye bye clutter! So I've divested myself of a number of tired tops and the bras that are currently snug. I recently discarded a couple of pairs of jeans that were shot or too small. Next up,  I'll tackle the dresses.

I can't tell you how pleasant it is to get dressed when my clothes fit and they've got that "new" appeal. I'm not bored and I'm not dismayed.

I'll be off on vacation as of Sat. but when I return (in the second week of my hols), I intend to make:
  • A tailored skirt (likely V8460).
  • Some wide-legged trousers (likely V1166)
  • The Appleton Dress (by Cashmerette). Hopefully my recent Concord alterations will stand me in good stead when fitting this dress.
At that point, I'll have what I need for the summer and, with a few future additions, what I'll need for fall/winter.
What's your favourite summer purchase so far?


  1. Impressive!
    Favourite summer purchase so far? Hmmm, I really like the Madewell black linen short-sleeved shift (pompoms at the hem!!!), but I'm also pretty happy about re-upping a bunch of white v-neck T-shirts to sharpen up my jeans game. . .

    1. I just got some stretch linen so I might be about to embark on a new fabric adventure!

  2. What a fun post to read! My favorite so far are probably my new lingerie--a "nude" set from Huit and a white lace set from Only Hearts. They were a reward to myself for doing a stupendous job of organizing my top drawer so it's not just a tangle of straps and silk, and getting rid of some things. I'm also hoping to gear up in terms of sewing and make some great things, including a sundress or two, and to finish a knit tank I have been working on, so hopefully those will be great summer wardrobe additions.

    Anyway I love your new things and am excited for more sewing updates--particularly curious to see what direction you take with the wide-legged pants.

    1. You deserve beautiful undies for being organized! Love your list.

  3. Neither bored nor dismayed. That's actually a way happier state of mind than it sounds like;).

    1. It is! Let's just say I'm not known for my moderateness. So when there's a glimmer of it, it's quite meaningful. :-)