Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Time Travel

I'm taking a break from my late evening stress coma to urge you to watch this unbelievable piece of history. (Amazingly, it was filmed in 1978. With the exception of some clothing, it looks as if it could have been shot in 1950.):

Honestly, spend the 26 minutes transfixed by how a sheep turns into dyed, plied yarn - old-school-like. You will marvel at the skill of these people. Word to the wise: It gets off to a very slow start but don't give up on. It goes from boring documentary period piece to fascinating a little after 5 minutes.

Damn, I've turned into one of those crazy spinning-ladies-to-be. But I can actually feel peace emanating from the celluloid. Those women are tripping.

(I found this clip on KnittyBlog today, a site which I recommend you support, if that's your thing.)

I was transported. Do tell me what you think.


  1. This was great- thanks so much for sharing it Kristin. Made for an excellent lunch break. :D