Monday, November 9, 2015

PSA: COS is in the 'Hood

Y'all know how I love COS - that Swedish brand that's a bit like Club Monaco but much more deconstructed (for the most part). The prices are better too. Well, COS was only available to me in Europe till a couple of months ago when it moved into Bloor Street. (I know the brand has also expanded into the US recently - for example, there's one in NYC.)

What I love about it, mainly, is the asymmetric and interesting design and fabrics which are very wearable and much more luxe seeming than the price point (merino comes to mind).

At any rate, though I'd read about the shop opening on Bloor, I didn't think much of it because I hadn't yet run across it so it was basically just a fairy tale. Today, however, all that changed - completely by accident - and I'm thrilled to tell you that it's just as good in TO as it is in Barcelona (in fact, it looks almost identical). I'm particularly pleased that one can actually afford to buy something there before it goes on sale (though sales are preferable, natch).

To wit:
COS Asymmetric Merino Top - $125.00 CDN
I know, the photo make this thing look like a chic convocation gown. Don't be fooled - it's fantastic.

This photo does no justice to the beautiful quality of merino wool of which this garment is made. And really, what is this garment? It's more of a dress on me than a top - but if you were tall it would be more like a hip length top. Or is it a poncho? Who cares. It's stunning and, as much to the point, interesting - and it looks like a million bucks. One arm gets a full, fitted sleeve and the other gets a little opening where the arm goes through (like a cape). It's very warm though, even as it's rather slim in the gauge, because it's comprised of a lot of really warm fiber and it's cut high in the neck. Dress it up, dress it down. You're going to look rich either way.

At any rate, I recommend you get your butt to COS. You could also buy online - though not sure how expensive that would be.

Today's questions: Do you know the brand? Have you got some COS in your wardrobe? If yes, does it make you feel Swedish when you put on those crazy cocoon shapes? Do you feel the need to wear a black stacked boot while donning the crazy cocoon shapes? Let's talk.


  1. I do know the brand -- I've picked up a few pieces in the Bordeaux shop and my sister bought a top and a dress in Paris this spring -- the dress I really wanted was sold out in my size. Fabulous value for the price -- artsy but restrained intellectual artsy rather than overly hippy. Lots of architectural stuff. Did you know that it's H&M's big sister? Interesting, 'cause H&M? I just can't.

    1. I think I may have known that a long time ago but I totally forgot till you mentioned that! Egad, it kind of makes me like COS less! (Let's just assume that it's not evil.) You're so right about the silhouette being artsy but in an intellectual way. That is perfectly said.