Thursday, October 22, 2015

Remember Me?

Lord, this month has been ridiculous. On top of everything else, I've been at a leadership course this week (it's a 6 month course that happens one week out of every 6). It's really terrific (and I'm as shocked as anyone to say this, what with my cynical bent) but I'm practically in a coma of exhaustion. When I say that it's blowing my circuits, I'm only half joking. I've had a bad headache for 3 days and, by the end of the afternoon, it's as if my brain has absorbed 5 times the amount that regular Krissie does. And regular Krissie (so I've been told) regularly absorbs twice as much, on any given day, as your average person.

But never mind that, the reason I'm checking in is to tell you that my Scantilly order arrived - I got the set in the photo from that link. While it's beautifully made (much nicer than regular Curvy Kate quality - but also quite a bit pricier), fucking Customs got a hold of it and charged me 53.00 CDN for the pleasure of opening the package, whereupon I discovered it doesn't fit perfectly. For me, as you know, there's not too much ground between "fits perfectly" and "send it back".

Here's the hideousness of this scenario: I would only be able to reclaim a max of 40 bucks of the Customs charge, were I to return the order, because the rest is "handling fee". DO NOT get me started on this. I also don't know if I have all the paperwork required to conduct an onerous Customs refund (were I to return the item) because Scott was the one who handled it and he's not known for keeping all the bits and pieces.

Then there's the fact that it ALMOST fits. It's slightly too shallow but also slightly tight in the band (I got a 32). Here's what I'm going to recommend if you decide to buy: Go up a band size and keep your regular cup size. You could also go up a cup size and keep the band size but only if you are on the cusp of needing a smaller band than the size you generally buy. The band isn't quite "Cleo tight", but it's half way between "true to size" and "Cleo tight". (Natch, I'll do a detailed review, likely on the weekend.)

Of course, this is the pain of being an early adopter who lives in a country with certain draconian laws on the subject of free trade, but I'm not going there.

The fact is, I don't know if I have it in me to order this again which leaves a) sending it back (and losing 10 bucks in bullshit handling fees plus 10 bucks in return shipping - if not more) - Note: I won't see that 40 bucks for months after processing a bullshit form via an onerous process - OR b) just keeping it and wearing it only in its proposed environment, and maybe out for dinner prior to that.

But my brain hurts so much that I cannot make these decisions right now!

Any other sort of bra, it would go back - whether for return or reship. This one's tough though, cuz it's really not a daily wear kind of item - even though it's totally supportive - and it in no way looks bad. Just cuz I don't dig stupid cleavage, ahem, doesn't mean that the person who will enjoy this bra with me doesn't. (Could that sentence be less elegantly constructed??) And this purchase has already performed many functions: gave me valuable sizing info, deets on the quality, confirmed my bias etc. Not to mention that, if Customs were to catch it again in reship, I'd have to kill myself before paying another 53 bucks so really, do I want to take another chance with this so fresh in my mind?

I will say this - the only items I EVER get Customs-ed on are from Figleaves (though by no means every time, mercifully). TO purchasers beware. There are few vendors from which to order this new brand (2 at the moment), no sales on the merch and, with the current value of the dollar, Customs will take the price of this set to almost 200 bucks CDN.

So, if you aren't a big risk taker / bra addict, may I suggest you wait till the reviews start trickling in?

The good news is that this brand is truly hot, does suit my shape and it comes in my size. That's actually very good info - maybe worth the 200 bucks when an almost-fitting, sexy-ass bra is thrown into the mix.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to lie down on the floor and take the edge off.

Thoughts or feelings?

PS: I didn't even get to the topic of my new fridge. Short story: Old one broke. Had to buy new one. Cost 3500 bucks but would have cost 5K if I weren't the genius online shopper that I am. Once again, this is where it doesn't pay to live in a country with 12 people and no manufacturing.  Not optimal to have had this happen before the kitchen reno cuz I had to guess what fridge will work (and whether it can be integrated into the cabinetry). The fully integratable ones cost 10K, for what it's worth. And fridges now last 6-10 years, regardless of how much you spend on them. But that's a whole other story...


  1. Wow, you make me glad to be living in the US (although I'm proud to be a Canadian, fun fact). We theoretically have customs fees but I've never heard of anyone actually being hit with one. OTOH I have tons of horror stories from my Canadian friends, even/especially when ordering from the States which you would think they'd want to trade with?

    1. Yeah - Customs fees don't really hit the Americans (so my family tells me). Must be something to do with trade rules?

  2. Keep the sexy bra! I think Scott lost the paperwork on purpose. (Kidding, of course!) Feel better soon!!!

  3. Wow. My brain hurts thinking about all this. I am SO glad I don't live in Canada. You'd think it was 1885, with their customs threshold being $20. I think you'd pay less of a tariff if you were smuggling illegal drugs.

    I agree with Gillian that if Scott has seen the bra on you, he probably "lost" the paperwork then if he hadn't already. lol

    If the bra is genuinely comfortable enough to wear (I'm glad you don't have to wear 34s all the time) and works with an outfit you'd want to wear it with, it sounds like the sensible thiing to do is keep it. And then move back to the US. I'm kind of kidding but not. Of course after your reno you'll never want to move--not that you wanted to before.

    Do you find it ironic that you, an American, have voluntarily lived in Canada for such a long time, repeatedly suffered their ridiculousness about customs and the harsh winter weather, AND work for the Canadian government? That country is lucky to have you. Few Americans would put up with it.

    1. Living in Canada isn't great when you think about the tariffs and the winter - but it starts to look a lot better when you consider the health care and the social benefits. :-) (The food in TO - to say nothing of the other places in Canada - is spectacular, so there's that too.)

      And after that reno I am most definitely never moving again!

  4. Ouch! Customs sucks, and that is WAY too much money to ding you for a piece of lingerie. I'd probably keep it, but if you can't get your customs fee back, it might not be worth it for a not quite perfect fit. Sorry, not much help here either.

    The "all wrapped up" is on my lingerie wishlist, but I never seem to have the extra cash for lingerie that's not a necessity. Besides, I rather like cleavage and I married a "boob man" who loves cleavage...sadly, it seems like I only ever get that look with too-small pushup bras.

    P.S. Buying appliances suck. I've been using a craptastic microwave for a year (and a washing machine for the better part of a decade) because I can't find exactly what I want in my price range. So I feel ya.

    1. I kept it. Just wasn't worth the hassle and I was overstating the problem. Sometimes, when I get those migraines, my brain just can't get out of a loop.

      Buying appliances is ABSURDLY expensive! And I wouldn't mind as much if you could fix the thing and extend its lifespan. It's horrid how they're making big-ticket items disposable.

  5. I'm In the same situation as splintersnstitches. My husband likes cakes on a plate cleavage, and now that I can't fit in Victoria's Secret, I have to start the search for a cakes on a plate bra all over again. I love the Wacoal Retro Chic (so comfy! so cute!), but it's pretty much the exact opposite of what my husband finds attractive.

    I haven't been to The Bra Bar in Yorkville for years. I think it might be time for a road trip...

    1. I think you may really like the Scantilly line - give it a go. And I can see why the Retro Chic wouldn't do it for your husband. It really is a full-cup design :-) Don't forget to go to Secrets from Your Sister and Tryst while you're making the haul. And some like Melmira (too far from the centre for me).