Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Projects

Hey Y'all: I've been rather occupied with the first week of the year (my way of looking at early September). I've got lots to say but I need some time and space to put some ideas together. I do have some crafting on the agenda for this weekend:
  • I just bought these jeans at Anthro (they are hella flattering) but I need to take 5 inches off the hem and narrow the flare by about 2 inches tapering to nothing below the knee. I mean, it isn't 1975. I've been looking for trouser jeans FOREVAH and I finally decided that, on sale, I'd take a bit of hit and do alterations that perfect the look I'm going for. Easier than starting from scratch.
Pilcro Superscript Flare Jeans
I've been working the skinnies for so long and, while I still and always love them, I need to bring some variety to my looks. BTW, these fit snug through the knees. They are very high-waisted.
  • I'm still working on this fucking sweater. I'm going to finish the second sleeve and pick up the cowl neck. Gotta say, I'm not a fan of Custom Fit (and not because the sweater isn't good). I'm not saying that it's bad but I do think it has limited application. More on that if I ever when I finish this thing:
Kristin's Basic Cowl Pullover (via Custom Fit)
While I can see the gauge change at the mid torso (from this near disaster), I think it looks pretty even, all things considered, and blocking should fix the remaining inconsistency.
  • I'm going to make cropped hudson pants in my slate blue French terry. If I can swing it (and it's doubtful cuz I only have 2 yards of 60 wide fabric (plus some complementary scraps in navy from the Sunny top project), I will make one long pair and one cropped pair. Oooh, pretty fabric:
  • Finally, there's the thing I've avoided for a month: cleaning up the gardens. But oy, the work. And it's raining and cold right now (sob). So unless the weather clears tomorrow, I may not be able to take on this task. Makes rain seem useful.
 What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Man, I've been waiting for flares to come back, since they're the most flattering on me, along with bootcut. Skinnies make me look like a damn carrot and are always baggy around my teeny little calves/ankles. :-( Those are some really cute jeans though, good luck with the alterations--at least they seem like easy ones to do.

    I wish I could say I was doing something fun, but my weekend is full of last minute preparations for our trip. Things like reserving hotels, car rentals, cleaning my house from top to bottom--I'm sure you know the drill. And to top it off, these next few days are supposed to be some of the most glorious weather we've had in a while. At least I've got my windows open though...right?

    1. Ha! Well I'm glad you're preferred style is starting to make its way back to the shops. I'm sure you'll be pleased to have done all the chores when you shut the door and get on the plane :-) Are you bringing the kids?

  2. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on Custom Fit. I'm making one right now and the jury will be out until I finish it and see if it actually fits. I had to make two sizing adjustments on the fly which made things kind of complicated because I chose a pattern with a lace panel, but neither of those adjustments are a result of something being wrong with the pattern. I just decided that I must want the high hip length rather than the medium, and I prefer zero negative ease at the hip, so I had to add some width there. I wish there were more patterns to choose from, but I'm hoping I can use this one to give me a sense of how to modify other patterns to be better fitting.

    1. I'm still trying to formulate my final opinion but it's just not working entirely, IMO.