Friday, April 3, 2015

Not Quite Done Talking Shop

I have interesting intel for you: A local TO boutique started selling Ewa Michalak bras (or a small sample thereof, at any rate). This is very good news from my vantage point because, in the past I went through the stupidity of buying this brand direct from Poland and, after all the fuss, the end product didn't fit. I was able to determine today, once and for all, that EM bras don't work for me.

On paper, the narrow wires / projected cup combo is perfect for someone of my shape. In practice, on my body, the wires are too narrow (when have I ever said that) and the cups, while projected, seem to lack integrity at the centre cup. The net result for breasts that are not young or notably firm is that these bras don't support very well (especially compared with Empreinte offerings).

I may be the first person to dis this brand and, really I have no issue with it, shape-wise, it's just not for me. Furthermore, I do think the fabrics are a bit on the cheap and cheerful side. You might think I'd be bummed by this outcome but I'm actually pleased because now I won't feel longing every time some blogger does a love letter post on this product. I prefer brands that are easy to source.

Turns out there is not an every-day bra in that store (in my size) that I don't already own (or dislike). Imagine that.

So, I did what any sensible woman would do - I bought some erotic lingerie. And lest you think it cost what it does in your average sex shop, think again. I've never spent so much money on such a small amount of fabric, evah. Volume-wise, it was kind of like buying jewelry.

Anyway, I got a couple of outrageous pieces by Bordelle and FYI by Dani Read (links NSFW). If you're looking for some impractical underwear, I urge you to check them out.

And while we're on the topic of lingerie, gotta say that these two posts have revitalized my dressing habits. Having reminded myself of the truly excellent, well-fitting sets I own, I've put every fashion set back into regular rotation. I was becoming that woman who wears a beige bra (albeit a different one), every day of the week. Now I have extenders, in every colour, winging their way to me, to facilitate wearing the tighter-backed fun bras, even when I'm sensitive to snugness. As yet, I still haven't received my replacement for the too-large, Masquerade Persia set - and my Cleo Minnie still hasn't got here more than 2 weeks after having shipped. I'm not expecting the Avocado lingerie to get here before the end of next week. Have to say I'm feeling sort of agitated with anticipation.

Today's question: Have you tried Ewa Michalak bras and, if yes, what's your experience? I'm very curious to know. So let's talk!

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