Friday, December 5, 2014

The Good Things

Look, I'm not feeling Xmas - second year running (which is unusual for me), but then I'm in kind of a challenging place at the moment. What I am feeling is the shopping cuz, really peeps, I have a gift. I've said it before, I'll no doubt (braggily) say it again... But when you do something well, celebrate it!

The fascinating thing this year is that I cannot be bothered to "celebrate the season" but I'm totally down with giving the presents. I've already told my husband and kid that we'll have impromptu gift moments. (These started last week.) I will not wrap. I don't really care if they think I'm being humbugesque. In a stroke of genius I couldn't have predicted, this summer I booked us Xmas in Mtl, so packing gifts to bring home gifts is a mercifully stupid idea. A tree is practically unnecessary. (FWIW, my parents are joining us. We've rented a house. So I think we're going to have fun, if not in a Christmas TV Movie fashion. More in a French-Can chic fashion: crazy people, awesome food, great walks, terrific vistas, good shopping.)

Here are a couple of things you must consider for the ones you love - and by that I mean yourself, naturally:

Everything at Aromacentric - or these things specfically.

This pressure point roll on is fucking awesome. I wear it constantly. If you love ylang ylang and jasmine, it's perfection.

I saw this, and I couldn't resist. It's a mist diffuser...
Nothin' I love more than supporting a super-responsive, Toronto entrepreneur whose kid went to school with mine (not that I knew this till I talked with her on the phone today).

You can also get the Aromacentric line at a new Queen West apothecary. The owner is lovely and the store is fantastic. Or check out the Detox Market on King West (near Bathurst). Believe it or not, I've never been there. Well, that's about to change!

Oh, and if you love the chocolate - and really, who loves chocolate better than I love chocolate? (You can't win this one, just face it.) - then please go to Soma right now. Or order by phone. I've decided to buy every chocolate confection I've ever wanted others to buy for me - and so far it's working out very well (if you don't consider the Visa bill).

I'm saving this little piggie for Xmas eve:

Soma Chocolate Salami
These suckers run out fast, which is a testimony to their deliciousness given that they cost 23 bucks before tax and they're on the small side.

This is but a smattering of my latest finds.

Enough of me, though. What's the best gift you've found this season? It can be for you (no judgement, I mean, most of my recent purchases are probably going to be for me!). I want to know.


  1. I can't say that any of the gifts I've bought yet are outstanding... but that's because it's hard to compete with my husband, who is buying me an overlocker! He made me check that the model was ok, which is why I know already.. seriously, how do I compete with that? "Uh, here are some comic books, honey..."
    I hope you guys have a great time in Montreal! Sounds like a well-deserved relaxing break!

  2. We're going to my in laws in Florida, so I get to skip the whole lights/tree/baking hullabaloo too. What a relief!
    I'm proud of myself for planning ahead. I actually remembered to get a Toothless (dragon) from Build a Bear before they sold out back in October. I'll take my 8 year old to have it stuffed and whatever else you do a few days before we head out on the drive to Florida. Normally I start my shopping on December 20th, so yay me!

  3. You're not alone...I've pared Christmas right back this year. Simple but delicious food, none of the tyranny of the turkey, and taking the time to enjoy the family without the stress. I'm so over stressing about Christmas. I do believe it's the way forward!