Sunday, October 20, 2013


I am seriously thrilled with this project:

Are you aware that 1 yard of 44" quilting fabric will make 3 eye pillow covers and a bolster cover? In 2 hours from start (ironing fabric) to finish (threading through the ribbon).

If I went out to buy something like this, it would have cost a LOT more.

Furthermore, it's practical!  And pretty! And cheerful! And it matches my freakin' yoga mat?!

I didn't use patterns. I just looked at my already-made objects and figured it out. (It's very simple - no need for special super powers.)

In fact, for future reference, I need to remind myself:
  • Eye pillow: Finished: 4.5" x 9". Cut 4.5 x 10 cuz you fold one side down 1" inch and the other, you cut 6/8 off of and turn under 2/8 and top stitch. Ensure you serge the tops of the pieces before turning under and then serge the three other sides.
  • Bolster: Finished: 32" (L) x 29" (W). Cut piece 34" x 30". Serge all sides to even and finish edges. Fold down W sides one inch each side. Press. Top stitch at edge of serging to create channel. Use .5" SA on L edge. Stop sewing 1 inch from bottom of channel top stitching. Feed ribbon through channel.
The bolster itself is 28.5" long, 29" in width circumference and 5" high.

It's great to have a "colour scheme" when it comes to interior-design because I had all kinds of ribbons that could have matched the fabric. I chose my easiest option - and the one that blends best - sea foam green seam binding. Threaded it with a safety pin through the channel and then gathered the channel fabric (as if I tied the ribbon) and cut the ribbon 18 inches from the edge of the circular closure. No need to measure its length. I suspect it will be surprisingly durable but, if it craps up, I'll just switch it up for something else.

My workmanship on this is quite adequate. It's neat, strong and unfussy. I've made it to last, not to look couture. But I'd be comfortable showing off the inside, which is a mark of a nicely-made object, IMO.

Have you ever made covers for yoga props? Do tell...


  1. Oh my, you've been busy since yesterday! The fabric looks great made up into usable objects. I've made a cover for my yoga mat before, but remember I told you about a certain collection of meditation cushions and bolsters Mr. Stitch has? I've made covers for most of those, all in the dullest brown cotton twill because apparently pretty prints are not "zen" enough. I must love this man!

    1. I know! Thanks for helping me to choose this fabric. It really is cheery. Who needs zen?!

  2. Very nice! No, but that's a really great idea.

    1. You need to get a bolster - then make one :-)

  3. You see? Quilting cottons are awesome!

    1. I must admit that I was sucked in by the pretty factor when Ewe Knit started carrying the fabrics. They're all so excellently coordinated. There was this one, deep blue with butterflies, that was hard to resist - but I knew it wouldn't go as well with the room as this one.

      PS: I'm not taking up quilting.

  4. So nice!
    Long time no "talk",,,,,, hope all is great with you.
    I'm trying to restart blogging..... let's see.