Saturday, November 24, 2012

How You Know You Live in a Big City

I had the most bizarre experience today.

I went out to get some yarn (not the bizarre part, more on that coming up shortly) and to go to Herbs and Nutrition. While at the health food store, I observed that I was very hungry, too hungry to wait for food, so I tried to find something ready-made and healthful. It was harder than I would have thought. After some dithering, I happened upon a flat of (very locally made) vegan sprout chocolate mousse. It's produced by some hippie commune, I suspect; it delivers daily. So, just as I leaned in to pick up a container, another woman did the exact same thing. We almost smacked each other in the head.

Now, I think it's off the chain that anyone at all wants vegan sprout mousse, much less 2 women at the exact same moment (from a flat that had but 2 containers remaining). It was one of those hilariously stereotypical urban moments that you see in stupid movies about young professionals in the city. No need to come to blows, thought I, for mousse sweetened with coconut sugar. We can each have our hit.

When I looked at the ingredients, I was horrified to find that this stuff was made with broccoli. And other vegetables?!?! Wow. My comrade-in-grabbing walked away. Apparently, there was no question of her purchasing the mousse. She knew that shit. I asked after her: Um, this stuff can't possibly taste like broccoli, right?

She responded: Oh, no! It's delicious. It's the best thing I've ever eaten. The cashews give it lots of protein. The chocolate is dark and rich. The sprouts on the top (yes, there was a salad on top of the mousse) are so crunchy and green. I feel totally full and energetic when I eat it.

Did I mention that a tiny cup costs 5 dollars.

I was sold. In truth, I was too hungry to care. And very curious. I paid for the mousse and downed it on the spot. It did not taste like broccoli, mercifully. It was a beautifully neutral food, if chalky. Crunch was balanced with smoothness. Dark flavours mixed with a sweet-ish high note. I would totally buy it again. I mean, its stupid urban-price alone would keep me coming back.

I'm a stereotypical that way.


  1. That is quite funny! I'm ashamed to say it would be a packet of salt and vinegar crisps for me. If I was feeling anything like healthy I would get the Tyrrells version!

    1. Last night I went off the rails and ate a lot of ice cream. And I felt hideous afterwards, so I'm no one to talk :-)

  2. I would totally eat broccoli mousse!! lol!