Friday, October 26, 2012


Let's just say that someone we know has a kid who would jump through hula hoops for this thing:

Pink Unicorn Ring from Etsy

Etsy sends me all of these "helpful newsletters", promoting the craziest things. Let's face it, that metal horn is going to wreck every sweater it touches, but who doesn't love a pink unicorn! It's pink. It's a unicorn.

Let's detour briefly into the cosmic symbolism of this mythical creature. No one's got anything bad to say about the unicorn. He/She/It (?) strikes a meaning in the bible, European folklore, and Greek mythology.  Got an issue, prevail on your local 'corn.

In fact, get yourself a unicorn tusk (otherwise known as an alicorn) and you can ward away all illness, all evil.

I'm half inclined to buy this thing, just to play the odds. :-)

Update: Rest assured I haven't gone so crazy that I'm buying enamel talismans. Trust me, all my talismans are, by description, 18K gold. Everyone knows there's alchemy in that shit.


  1. Nola wants a pink unicorn bike with a horn that can be pressed to get some wing action happening. We've convinced her that it might be difficult for her mom to find one that actually flies, and she's conceded that there might be rules against flying bikes in the city, but she's holding out for the (non-working) wings on a pink, unicorn bike. As you say, such is the talismanic and imaginative power of this mythical creatures. . .

    1. You see, that kid knows the scene! I see good things in her future.

  2. LOL I'd totally stab myself in the eye with that ring somehow. But I do think that after the last many weeks, you do need an alicorn!

  3. Replies
    1. Anything pink with gold is hard to resist. :-)