Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hey Y'All

I am in NC at the moment and will have only intermittent access to a network (I'm going to the mountains for a while). More to the point, I've chosen to view this time as a spa experience - I know, spa with my entire family except my husband is its own kind of "relaxing". My goal is to eat more healthfully - fortunately my parents cook extremely well but with a kind of balance I don't tend towards. In my mother, I also have my own acupuncturist on call.

I really need to take the edge off, get a grip on my light-sensitivity and headache. (Calm the fuck down, as I put it a few posts ago.) There's a pool outside, a comfy bed and a yoga space here...

I've brought a knitting project - the City Cardigan (my last project), Take 2. I've given the first version to my mother - who loves it and looks terrific in it. Take 2 will have shoulders that are 2 inches narrower (to fit my own shoulder width perfectly, I hope). I'm also experimenting with certain other elements of construction. I don't have access to a camera (left my phone at home) but I will show pics when I return to TO.

I imagine I'll post, but can't say how or when - the mood and circumstances will conspire, I'm sure.

Till then, xo.


  1. We'll miss you, but your plan sounds like a good way to recharge. Enjoy!

  2. I wish you lots of success in calming the fuck down. Enjoy the yoga and the knitting and the comfy bed.

  3. chill the fuck out! (and forgeddabout us)

  4. I'm sorry to hear the headache is still hanging in there. Take care of yourself and don't worry about blogging.

  5. Enjoy your vacation/spa/relaxation/calm-the-fuck-down time! :-)

  6. Thanks so much everyone! So far, so good, but these people are making me do a lot of exercise. :-)