Sunday, February 5, 2012

That Other Purchase I Neglected In the Last Post

Y'all know I field a quite a few lingerie questions from readers. I do love talking about that topic and it seems my enthusiasm is infectious! Oftentimes, I'm asked about good brands for relatively large breasts on relatively small frames and I espouse my faves: Freya, Panache, Charnos, Fantasie, Miss Mandalay, Fauve. But there's another brand I do refer - with the proviso I've never had the chance to try it for myself. That's Curvy Kate. I have to tell you, I don't appreciate the marketing. It's tacky, in my opinion. But the bras are reputed to be very well-fitting with uplift, support and in numerous styles - many of them "sexy".

Recently, was having a mega sale on various styles. How mega? Well, I was able to buy a set, all in, with shipping and tax, for $40.00 CDN. (Note: Brastop, also fairly tacky, while we're telling it like it is, has the best prices on bras evah. I suggest you check it out before buying on Figleaves. Cuz when the styles are there, the prices can't be beat.)

Anyway, the style is not new - it's the Criss Cross, of which the company stocks variations regularly. I wanted a new "basic" black bra, good under most outfits, and this one fit the bill:

You can see the matching thong undies here, but only in red, for some reason... I was able to buy them in black.

This thing took 2 weeks to arrive at which point I was seriously intrigued to rip open the parcel and to try on the bra which was - wait for it - too small.

Yes, my friends, much as I have told you all again and again, the likelihood of buying a new brand of bra, sight unseen, that fits - even when you know your own shape incredibly well - is, well, slim.

It's super irritating. It makes me question the universe and my place within it. I would have been smarter to buy 2 or 3 sizes in the one order. But I didn't, so I had to return the bra I did buy for the next size up. Thankfully that size was in stock. And now I'm waiting for it.

Let me tell you: The Criss Cross fits small in the back and in the cup - at least compared with Freya and most of the other brands listed above (but not Panache, which also fits small in the cup). If you're on the cusp of either, go up a size. You know how I extol the virtues of the snug back. Well, this one was almost too tight for me to deal with. Almost - but I hate it when bands loosen after 10 wears - so I'm going to stick with the norm and give it a go. The cup, alas, the one I bought was too small. How do I know? Well, the gores didn't sit flat against my chest. Breast tissue smushed toward the side cups. Sure, the under wire was flat against my rib cage. No, there wasn't any top-cup pillowing. But this thing was too small.

All this is to say, it's all in a day's work of online bra shopping. Until you know a brand - and maybe even the individual styles within it - it's guessing. Doesn't matter how much time you spend thinking about bras and fit and the like.

What's my sense of Curvy Kate, at this point? The quality is quite good from a fit and support perspective. The materials are not luxe but they are wearable. (In truth, I prefer a higher quality fabric.) I suspect this line provides a great way to get good fit without spending a fortune. So, for all of you out there who have told me that you need support, like to wear "sexy" and youthful looks and are either unwilling or unable to spend $150 - $200 on a set, this may be for you. Seriously, you couldn't walk into a department store and find a matching set for less than $40. And while that price is on super sale, those deals are available on a semi-regular basis online.


  1. I tried to order from, but first they did something weird with my husband's credit card that made me cancel, and the second time I got a warning about their security not being valid or something. So I gave up. I did order some bras from elsewhere though--I'm just waiting for them to get here. I'll let you know. ;-)

  2. It's pretty, but too bad it didn't fit. I hope you have better luck with the next one.

  3. The only way I can order bras online is if it's the exact style, size and brand of the ones I know fit.

    Current pet peeve? Bras in the shop that have tags attached in such a way that you can't try them on without ripping the tags off. Annoys the everlovin' crud right out of me. I had to return a bra the other day because once I got it home, there was no way it was going to fit. At least, not if I planned on breathing while wearing it.

  4. CGC: Very unsettling! I've ordered 4 times from there and have never had that problem. In fact, I just got a (fast) response that my return has reached them and the new item has shipped. Sorry that has been your experience!

    E: Me too...

    LSCG: Oh, I agree about that annoyance. I ask them to remove the tags so that I can get around that issue! (I mean the store tags or security tags - not the garment tags, natch.