Thursday, October 13, 2011

You Said You Wanted Pictures...

Tubey Sweater - modified in many ways...

So, here you have it - a sweater I am proud to say I made my own, even if I don't think it works on me. Fortunately, some friend of mine is about to receive it as a love gift.

How I Modified It:
  • Altered sleeve length and shape - from long bell to 3/4 straight.
  • Added garter stitch at sleeves (cuz I hate stockinette roll)
  • Added garter stitch - using smaller needle size - at ridiculously low cut neckline
  • Was the cause of the ridiculously low cut neckline by lowering it 3/4 inch.
  • Made smaller the back size - this is like a slightly smaller XS...
  • Shortened the bottom to suit my proportions.
What Works:
  • I think the sleeves were a real success.
  • I love the yarn - which was tricky to work with, but lovely to touch and wear.
  • I knitted this competently, I feel, finding work arounds to problems - developing confidence in pattern modification and knitting ability.
What Doesn't Work:
  • The neck is just wrong for me. Even if I hadn't lowered it, it wouldn't have been right. Without the garter rib, it was a floppy mess - and that wasn't my fault. My tension was even and I worked hard to keep it tight (given that I'm a relaxed knitter). BTW, Scott laughs at the thought that I'm relaxed at anything...
  • The ribbing is just too stretchy. It doesn't suck anything in, leaving my abdomen at an aesthetic disadvantage.
  • I don't like the length. This would be easily enough fixed by adding garter to the bottom but that won't fit the stretchy rib issue. I've learned I probably don't want to do ribbing - unless it's in a very small needle size and, who are we kidding, that would be a nightmare to complete!
I only used 9 of the 12 80m balls of yarn, leaving me 3 to do a knitting workshop I was invited to try out. It's a great course - like an online tutorial meets knit along. Totally worth the 15.00 price (which happily, this time, I didn't have to pay). More on the One Skein Shrug I'm knitting as it progresses.

So, what do you think??


  1. I can't comment on the knitting, no expertise, but I think YOU look fantastic:).

  2. You know I was skeptical, but that actually doesn't look too bad on you! Well done! I'm especially happy for you that you felt you knitted it competently :-)

  3. Your own sweater! What an accomplshment, I'm still on scarves. You look great and I love your new hair color (although I really dug your old hair too)

  4. I think the sweater looks fantastic and fab on you

  5. Gorgeous sweater and you look great too!

  6. I like the sweater a lot, but wonder if maybe you could do some sort of fancy lacework looking stuff* to the neckline? It's so beautiful that I'd hate to see it get shoved to the back of someone's closet because they just aren't comfortable with all the erm...boobaliciousness.

    *I don't knit, so have no idea if "lacework looking stuff" is something you can even do with knitting needles.

  7. Personally I like the bombshell effect this sweater has, but having recently benefited from a knitted love gift from a friend who knit something she found unsatisfactory for herself and looks like it was absolutely made for me, I respect your altruistic feelings for the sweater. But you do look super sexy.

  8. I can't take my eyes off the reflection in back of you!

  9. Personally, I think that sweater looks great on you: just one man's opinion. But I understand that if the wearer doesn't dig it, that's all that counts. Still, I think it's super-flattering.

  10. I'm so impressed with your ability to make all these modifications on what is only your third sweater! Crazy! And it looks great, although I know what you mean about ribbing.

  11. Looks smashing. And the sweater ain't bad either.

  12. This my all time favorite picture of you. I agree with Peter, the sweater looks fantastic, whether it works for you or doesn't, it makes you look sexy and beautiful.

  13. Lucky friend! It's a beautiful sweater, and I love the colour.
    BTW, I had to delete my old blog, if you want to find me, my new one is here:

  14. Doesn't work on you??? I think you need to clean your mirror and have another look! The color and cut are very flattering to you!

  15. I say, hold on to anything that makes you look that good. (Just one knitter's-man's opinion...)

  16. I'm another that thinks it looks fabulous! Beautiful photo!

  17. Great colour. I like it and think it looks great. The neckline is a tad low, but you've taken care of that with the top underneath. The reflection (your kid?) in the backgound is cute!

  18. While I fully appreciate a)pet peeves about fit that no one else gets and b) the ability of that one perfect photo to hide all the obvious flaws in a garment, lady, you look SMOKING. And I'm generally in favour of low cut everything.

  19. I think it looks fantastic, dear!!!
    And you made it!!!! And the colour is soooooo cool, love it.
    I vote that you keep it and if needed wear with a scarf a button up under it. I think you'll find a way to make it work.
    Any way I can write you my mail.... lol lol ;)

    Hope things are doing great with you.

  20. Another vote for liking the picture. It looks good from this side of the screen.

  21. I think it looks great. I was a knitter before I used to sew. How long did it take you to knit?

  22. Thanks so much everyone, for your lovely comments!!

    LPC: It's amazing what a good angle can do :-)

    Gail: Neither of us was as right as we thought :-) Competence is queen, honey!

    Sewtellme: Thank you! Seems my hair is a diff colour every two weeks what with those roots growing in :-)

    Anon: Thank you!

    Belle: Why thank you...

    CGC: Good idea and probably workable. Just not at my current level of competence and interest.

    LAP: Thank you! And I'm so glad you've been on the knitting gift flip side. It's good for everyone!

    Wendy: Isn't it hilarious??

    Peter: You know I love a man's opinion. Thank you.

    F: Thank you! And, to be totally pedantic, it's actually my 4th sweater. There was that wretched Wispy shrug we're all relegating to the back of our minds :-)

    Monkey: Awww....

    Susan: You are so sweet to me!

    Thanks Karin. I'll check out your blog...

    Clio: You know, you're seeing it from a really flattering angle :-) Thank you though!

    Aho: I think you may be invested :-)

    Sherry and Lisa: Merci!

    Andrea: The kid was making faces at me :-) I do think the cami fixes the problem, but it's really boobs plus!

    T: You sure do and it all looks great on you :-)

    Seeker: The button down shirt idea is a really good one! I have to try that...

    Sera: Thank you.

    D.: Thank you! Nice to see you.

    Janice: I've become one of those crazy knitting people who doesn't pay attention to the clock. I estimate it took 40 plus hours from start to finish. It took a few hours to figure out the modifications. Then I had to get the materials. Then do the knitting. But I finished it over 3 weeks as I worked steadily on it.

  23. Lovely Sweater!!!!! I'm sad that you're going to gift it to someone. To me you look gorgeous in that style and color:)