Thursday, November 19, 2009


How adorable is this:
Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Seasonal cookies to remind you that you should be exercising instead.

(And they need some homemade workout wear!)

Anyone know where you can find these?


  1. Haha great, now there's even cookies to remind me of how inflexible and uncoordinated I am! Aren't cookies meant to make you feel better?!

    Just kidding, these are adorable...even with the inherent guilt factor!

    xx Kit

  2. LOL. these would be the perfect hostess gift for a yoga/pilates enthusiast :D


    you can buy them online.

  4. I can't enjoy stuffing my face if the little man is telling me I should be exercising. Killjoy.

  5. Sal: Aren't they cute enough to eat :-)

    Miss Sophie: I know. I want someone to bring them to me!

    Kit: At least they don't look like supermodels :-)

    Bel: And I bet they taste really good with a nice cappuccino.

    E8: All you have to do is bite the head off fast - and spitefully :-)

    E: :-)

    Jessica: Thank you so much for the link!